Globally, the World Bank estimates that 1 billion people have a disability. This represents 15% of the world’s population. In South Africa it is estimated that 7.5% of the population have a disability. Disability occurs through wars, accidents, diseases and as a result of a genetic disposition.

There are some evolutionary changes happening in relation to disability in South Africa today. Existing structures and support measures for people with disabilities are, correctly, being challenged. Whilst we have made great progress in redressing past inequalities regarding race and gender equity we are currently lagging regarding the effective integration of individuals with disabilities into all aspects of society.

In order to address this, legislation has increasingly focused on the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the world of work. Of particular significance is the fact that 5% of all revenue earned for disability services will accrue to a Disability Trust (to be managed by Grow People Partners). This fund will have as its objective, the improvement of the lives of people with disabilities. There is therefore a direct benefit for people with disabilities and a CSI benefit for clients. In addition, clients will be encouraged to engage in their own CSI initiatives in the disability space.

Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Talent Acquisition at all levels
Environmental Accessibility Audits and Recommendations
Awareness and Sensitisation Workshops and Campaigns
Disability Days
Disability Audits

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Meet legislative (B-BBEE) targets


Fully tap into the potential that people living with disabilities can bring into organisations


Create work environments where able bodied individuals and people living with disabilities can work, respecting the value each can bring to the table without focusing on disabilities


Educate their employees and other stakeholders with regards to the capabilities of individuals with all of the various disabilities.