With local and international experience and expertise we are able to handle the most challenging assignments. The scope of our work extends far beyond matching skills and filling seats and provides a competitive advantage to organisations. Our strategy involves a single-minded focus on enhancing organisational success and ensures a strategic fit to the role and alignment to the cultural environment.

People determine the success of any strategy, be it organic growth, a merger, an acquisition or business transformation. The success of your organization will be determined by the quality of its leaders. When it comes to choosing them there can be no compromise. Our experience indicates that the majority of executives secured for our briefs are not actively seeking new opportunities and are identified through a discreet and comprehensive research process. As much as a candidate needs to meet the requirements of our Client, our Client needs to meet the aspirations and needs of a potential employee. This is a vital aspect of our service as the Client needs to be packaged and represented in the most professional manner by our Consultant in terms of company reputation, opportunity, challenge and desirability as an employer of choice. It is our ability to conduct in-depth research and represent our client professionally that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Approach:

INITIAL CONSULTATION with our clients allows us to bring our broad knowledge of their industry and its current competitive environment to bear in jointly assessing the requirements, scope and responsibilities of the position to be filled. We need to understand what results you need to achieve. Client consensus on the scope of the position and responsibilities, compensation and profile of the candidate.

WRITTEN REQUIREMENTS of the qualifications of the ideal candidate, scope and responsibilities of the position, compensation package, reporting relationships and profile of the candidate are created based on the results of the initial consultations.

A SEARCH STRATEGY is developed that will identify a select few candidates whose experience and qualifications meet the client’s requirements. We use our experience, knowledge of the industry, extensive networks, in- depth research and our client’s input to lead us to our prospects.

INTERVIEWS are conducted with the individuals who are best suited for the position to evaluate the “fit” between prospect and client. Our objectivity is a critical factor in our ability to evaluate these prospects. To help you make the right decision we provide clear insight through a deep assessment of an individual’s capabilities – track record, knowledge, skills, personality and motivation for the job. This is supported by extensive referencing to ensure the ”right fit” for you and the individual.

SHORT LISTED CANDIDATE CVs’ are prepared together with background profile and confidential reports for discussion and consideration by the client.

CLIENT INTERVIEWS of prospective candidates follow the client’s review of written candidate profiles. As necessary, the anonymity of our client is preserved up to this point in the process. Arrange for management / leadership assessments and psychometric testing if required.

CERTIFYING the legitimacy of a finalist candidate’s background, professional accomplishments and personal standards is a primary responsibility we have to our clients.

CALIBRATING AN OFFER that is satisfactory to both the client and the candidate is critical. Our role as intermediary allows us to structure a compensation package that is fair and reasonable, and takes into consideration the needs of both parties.

MAINTAINING A DIALOGUE with the candidate and client after the acceptance of the offer is an integral part of the transition phase. We help to insure that the transition is accomplished as smoothly as possible.