Coaching is a strategy for achieving full performance in an existing role, transitioning into a new role and / or preparing for a desired future role. Available services are as follows:


  • Transformative Coaching
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Coach Supervision


  • Formal learning groups, i.e. in support of training, learnerships, business education programmes
  • Informal learning groups, i.e. no underlying formal training, but learners have the same development needs e.g. delegating, assertiveness, and courageous conversations
  • Team coaching – developing the team capacity to deliver effectively – can be a once off, but is far more effective with on-going team supervision
  • Coach supervision



    • Consultation to strategic HR teams on the application of various forms of coaching in support of change management and other business needs.
    • Research studies on the effectiveness of coaching
    • Assessments (Myers Briggs, etc.)

    General Coaching: A network of senior coaches is available for clients. This team is able to provide coaching services at all levels in organisations. This will assist where the use of internal coaches may not be desirable based on confidentiality and level or where there may be capacity issues.

    Executive Search Appointments: Three monthly coaching sessions are offered with all Executive Search appointments. Further coaching can then be provided at an additional cost.

    Disability Appointments: Six monthly coaching sessions are offered at the cost of the client. Further coaching can also be provided.